Global Financial Markets Professional (GFMP) Program is a comprehensive course on financial markets that will prepare you for aggressive competition and fast paced decision making. Only the best prepared, professionally qualified students, who are equipped to handle the pressure and skilled to operate in a cool and calculated manner under demanding circumstances, are the ones who will make a difference and carve a niche for themselves in this industry.
The 4 semesters of classroom sessions of GFMP program will be followed by 1 semester of Industry Practice, a form of internship at leading organizations from the industry. This added advantage of Industry Practice makes it an even more viable option for anyone who wishes to build his/her career in this industry.
This program is the best that a student can join, as it gives much advantage to him:
  • He can do the program concurrently with his graduation
  • He will be job ready by the time he completes his graduation
  • He will be at an advantage of being absorbed by the corporate he is working with, during the industry practice
  • He will be exposed to the industry environment before getting an ‘actual’ job
  • The industry he will be working with might welcome his new thoughts and ideas since he is fresher
  • He will be mentored by an industry professional during the 6 months of industry practice
  • The program allows him semester breaks for him to study for his graduation exams
  • He will get updated information about the markets as the 4th semester is dynamic semester which will cover emerging trends
The lectures will be conducted at Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai.
BSE Institute Ltd. has 20 years experience in imparting financial markets training to professionals, individual investors and students; from India and other parts of the world. Our faculty pool comprises the best talents from the industry with vast experience in the field. It will cover major functional areas pertaining to financial markets training like- Introduction to Financial Markets, Economics and Statistics of Financial Markets, Financial Accounting, Types of Financial Markets, Fundamental & Technical Analysis, Risk Management, Financial Modelling.
This program will prepare you for the following jobs at the end of each semester:
Semester I – Professional Trader, Customer Service Manager & Banking Specialist, Banking Center Supervisor, Teller, Investment Banking Associate, Database Analyst
Semester II – Investment Analyst, Research Analyst, Investment Banker, Sr. Manager–Retail Banking, Sr. Associate-Advisory, Credit Manager & Specialist, Accounting Managers, Sr. Database Analyst, Sr. Support Analyst
Semester III – Investment Analyst, Risk Manager, Investment Advisor, Financial Advisor, Loan Officer, Wealth Manager, Audit Consultant, Technical Analyst
Semester IV – Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Investment Banker, Business Analyst, Associate Risk Manager-Financial Services, Data Governance Manager, Credit Risk Manager, Sr. Finance Manager
Semester V – Compliance Manager-Risk, Banking, Insurance; Risk & Insurance Manager, Financial Manager, Corporate Banking, Credit Manager, Treasurer, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Sr. Manager-Risk & Regulation, Operational Risk Manager-Capital Markets, Sr. Credit Risk Manager.
The GFMP program targets to
  • Groom you for the 113,497 prospective jobs that will be created in the financial services sector of the Indian economy, by the year 2015*!!
  • Prepare you for the industry with the best, very attractive and generous compensation structure*!!
  • Bridge the existing manpower shortage in the financial services sector by guiding you towards it!!
  • Build your confidence to face your potential employers, who prefer experience over formal education in a candidate, through our intense Industry Practice!!
  • Equip you to juggle with multiple responsibilities within your job role!!
  • Gear you up to handle situations that require quick thinking, instant decision making, specified response time and constant result production!!
  • Provide you with the advantage of concurrently pursuing the program along with your graduation!!
  • Give you the advantage of being job ready by the time you complete your graduation!!
  • Develop your analytical skills and abilities!!
  • Enhance your knowledge by learning the latest financial analysis methods and technology!!

    Source – Internet research, 2011 Employment Survey released by Mafoi Randstand

Candidate will fill the application form. There is a screening process for admission post which candidate will be admitted for the program.
You will have to join GFMP program from semester-I. You will have to complete all the semesters to be awarded GFMP Certificate.
The GFMP is:
  • 4 semesters of classroom sessions (approx. – 576 hours)
  • 1 semester of industry practice
The lectures will be conducted 3 days in a week for 2 hours each.
  • Student will undertake an examination at the end of each semester
  • Student will be constantly monitored and evaluated during the 6 months industry practice
Each semester is followed by written exam which will carry 80% weightage. 20% weightage will be of assignments submitted by students in that semester.
You will be given a certificate after successful completion of the program that you have enrolled for.
The certificate will be given to you only after successful completion of the semester. You can re-appear for the exam after paying stipulated amount of fee and on a scheduled date. Yes, you can begin the next semester, but the certificate will be given only on clearing the exam.
Our faculty comprises many of the most reputable practitioners from the industry who bring to the table their years of experience and unique insights. They are subject matter experts in their respective fields, and facilitate lively discussions allowing participants to share their insights and experiences with the class.
They are professionals who address complex real life questions, leading to the creation of knowledge and ideas that vastly advance the domain of financial markets and prepare students to be thoughtful and effective leaders. Our faculty members are not just renowned experts in their fields; they are also experts at passing on their skills.
Training will also be imparted by established academicians who with their strong conceptual knowledge will help build the right knowledge and perspective.
We follow a long tradition of practice-oriented research and teaching that has a profound and far-reaching impact on business and management education. Our learners are enabled to build innovation in business practice, develop contemporary thinking and the ability to both influence and use these concepts.
GFMP program is designed to prepare financial market professionals, to be absorbed in the financial market industry.
Being the part of the first batch of GFMP program is a privilege in itself.
No, there is no discount for full fee payment.
No there are no application charges. You can download the application form and mail it to us.
The internship will be in the form of Industry Practice.
The Industry Practice is essentially an effort to establish institutionalized linkages between the industrial world and the academic world. Industry practice will create classrooms in the industry where the student will learn on the job. Here the students will be linked with the world of work, and thus the academic and industry gap will be reduced.
The direct advantages of Industry Practice are:
  • You will be in the work environment which differs from the academic environment
  • Your satisfaction level will increase with the learning experience
  • You will learn to apply the knowledge you had obtained in the classroom
  • You will develop higher level thinking skills
  • You will get an environment of active, involved, exploratory learning
  • You will find the practice sessions more stimulating and more ‘real’
  • You will get exposed to industry environment, thus giving you a first had experience to functioning of the industry
  • The practice will promote a positive attitude towards the industry
  • You will be at an advantage of being absorbed by the corporate you are working with
  • The industry will be working with freshers and they might welcome your new thoughts and ideas. You will be mentored by an industry professional during the 6 months of industry practice.
Your mentor will be a person from the same organization you will be working in.
The mentor will guide you during your tenure at the organization giving you constant feedback on your work. You will be maintaining a diary or a record of the responsibilities you have handled at the organization during those 6 months.
You will also be visited by a member from BSE Institute Ltd., atleast once in month, as a part of evaluative process for Industry Practice.
Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.
Following are the advantages of mentoring:
  • Access to a support system during critical stages of your academic and career development
  • An insider's perspective on navigating your career and learning in a safe environment
  • Clearer understanding and enhancement of academic and career plans
  • Identification of skill gaps by constructive feedback
  • Tracking and development of key competencies factors required for the role
  • Greater knowledge of career success factors
  • Clearer goals and objectives and greater confidence to achieve them
  • Better job readiness than other professionals, as no requirement of on the job training
Yes, there are pre-screening guidelines for Industry Practice. Please talk to our counsellors for further details.
It will depend on the company and candidates performance.
Industry Practice will be evaluated through mentor feedback and periodic review from the institute.
BSE Institute Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange.
There are chances that the candidate be absorbed during the Industry Practice sessions itself. Many reputed organizations from the banking, financial services, insurance, capital market, market intermediaries, mutual funds, asset management, investment banking and non-banking financial sector & even reputed brokerage houses employee quality students who have successfully completed training from BSE Institute Ltd.
Our placement cell is an integral part of the institute. It maintains a very cordial relationship with all the recruiting industries and also prepares the recruited candidates to face the competitive world.
You will be associated with leading organizations if financial services sector.
The placement opportunities depend on the companies that will be coming.
All students of GFMP who are graduates and have successfully completed their 4 semesters of GFMP are eligible for Industry Practice.
Industry Practice is 6 months long.
The eligibility criteria for the international programs of BSE Institute Ltd. are based on the programs being offered. Some of the programs have graduation as the eligibility criteria.
Getting Industry Practice is wholly dependent on the students’ academic performance.
Download the application form and mail it to BSE Institute Ltd. at the following address:
Admission Incharge-GFMP,
BSE Institute Ltd., BSE Ltd., 18th Floor, P.J Towers, Dalal Street Mumbai - 400001
The cancellation procedure and the related details will be conveyed to you post your admission confirmation.

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